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In 2010, Ben Johnson was a residential developer in North Richland Hills, Texas who turned to Home Building as a way to work his way out of a difficult market and economy. His experience in building the infrastructure necessary to operate other businesses in his career led to the foundation of what American Life Homes is today. In just a few years, he built the business to a point of producing 30-40 homes per year. 

Troy and Ben met while working on various projects in 2015-2016 in the North Fort Worth area. Troy was working for a residential developer, and Ben was looking for lots to expand American Life Homes. Soon thereafter, Ben decided to retire from the home building business. Troy presented the idea to Stan and they agreed to present Ben with an offer to become the new owners of ALH. Troy and Stan have partnered with a vision to both build new  homes under the American Life Homes flag and seek out new development opportunities to support long-term growth in home production.


Ben sold his last remaining home in late 2017, and now Troy and Stan are looking to launch the business with new projects in 2018. While various lots available in the DFW market have been considered, the opportunities listed below the locations tab are the highest priorities in our plans to launch our business aggressively in the next 3-5 years.


When we conserve energy resources, our nation can enjoy cleaner air and a healthier environment, and we can help protect the climate by reducing greenhouse gases. Making your home energy efficient is the first step to being green. A key component in building energy efficient, green homes is in the engineering.At a minimum, American Life Homes builds all of our new homes up to and including the most current EnergyStar® standards, which can lower your energy consumption as much as 50% versus resale homes. In many neighborhoods, we offer as standard open cell spray foam insulated, fully encapsulated homes engineered by the (former NASA) engineers at Energywise®.

While EnergyWise® insulation is offered in all American Life Homes' neighborhoods, homes with an EnergyStar® package also offer substantial energy savings over a standard resale home.

How do we do it?

Forty percent (40%) of a home's energy can escape the home through gaps, cracks and leaks in the structure. The spray foam insulation used in our Energywise® homes, seals these leaks and gaps, providing comprehensive air sealing. Coupled with high performance doors and windows, our homes are virtually free of air leaks and drafts.


Energywise® energy efficient homes by American Life Homes save on overall energy use, reducing the greenhouse gases making your home a more environmentally-friendly option.

In addition to being an eco-friendly living space, our total energy efficient homes provide:




Energywise® homes enjoy a balanced, stable indoor temperature. Utilizing the latest Smart thermostat technologies, your home will learn what temperatures you prefer and keep your rooms comfortable year-round.


Allergens and other pollutants are reduced by more than 50% by sealing gaps and cracks in the home.


Homes are less humid. Lower humidity levels means your home is less likely to develop mold, mildew and our Energywise homes can eliminate dust mites.


Lower the noise level. Homes with Energywise® engineering and spray foam insulation enjoy the benefits of a quieter home.



Should you decide to sell, rest assured that the resale value of your home increases by investing in a quality, energy efficient structure. Homes with spray foam insulation and our energy efficient features retain their value over time and this means you get more money when it comes time to sell.


Enjoy more money and more comfort in the here and now. Our homes enjoy more than 75% reduction in HVAC energy costs compared to a standard resale home - making it a real value to you and future homeowners.


Because your home is so well insulated, only one HVAC unit is necessary compared to standard homes, AND you receive a full 10 year parts & labor warranty! Building quality, energy-efficient homes, lowering our homeowners’ utility bills and helping to protect the environment have always been important to American Life Homes.


Explore what makes buying your new home from American Life Homes the right choice:

  1. Total home foam encapsulation provides maximum comfort with minimal heating and cooling costs engineered by EnergyWise®.

  2. SEER 16 (Nominal) air conditioning and AFUE 95% efficient furnace

  3. Low-E 366 UV Resistant glass and dual pane windows block 95% of UV rays and reduce window heat gain by 64% compared to ordinary glass.

  4. Superior fresh air ventilation in key areas improve the air quality adding to overall comfort

  5. Programmable thermostats regulate your home’s temperature year-round.

  6. High efficiency ENERGY STAR® rated appliances help save money by using less energy.

  7. Energy-saving CFL or Halogen light bulbs in select lighting fixtures.


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